Friday, 28 November 2008

Lest we forget - Private John Fitzhenry 9956 of the King's Shropshire Light Regiment

The post about the Fitzhenrys who died in the Great war prompted Sara Murphy to write to us.
She is the
great great, granddaughter of John Fitzhenry of the King's Shropshire Regiment. (For our overseas readers, Shropshire is a county in West of England next to the Welsh border.)

I'm very grateful to her for sending us the following information which she has given her permission to post here.
John was the only surviving son out of 9 children.
(His father was also called John and originally came from Ireland.)
John's daughter, Dorothy (Sara's grandmother) was born around 7 months after John was killed and gives her name on her birth registration as Dorothy Fitzhenry. His widow Elizabeth Lila Smith (formerly Fitzhenry) was quoted to have said "if I ever had a son l would cut his legs off before sending him to war".

Sara has sent a link which shows that John is listed on the Oswestry park gates War memorial, right hand-side 3rd from the top.

Sara would be very pleased to hear from any descendant of this Fitzhenry branch. If you send me an email, I'll pass it on to her.

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