Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Mystery Ladys of Brompton Cemetery: Identities Revealed?

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After Jo's sojourn at Brompton Cemetery revealed two mystery Fitzhenry ladies, I was able to claim the first as my gggrandmother Elizabeth Fitzhenry (nee Kemp) the widow of Michael Fitzhenry.(see attached Death certificate). However , rather surprisingly, the identity of mystery lady number two, Ann Fitzhenry, may also link into my Fitzhenry family grouping.

Elizabeth's daughter-in law was a lass named Ann Elizabeth Fitzhenry (nee Currey). Ann had married Elizabeth's eldest son, George c 1864. Ann hailed from Essex, and George, who had joined the 12th Lancers whilst still a teenager, ended up being posted to Ireland, where their two eldest children, Ann[ie) 1866 and William 1868 were born. By the time of the 1871 census, the family was back in England - or more precisely, Aldershot, Hampshire. Younger son George was born whilst they were posted near Hulme, Manchester in 1875, and baby Laura was born (and sadly passed away) in 1877 Canterbury, Kent. No wonder it took a while to connect all the siblings - a name like Fitzhenry, children born Ireland and Manchester, doesn't at first glance seem to connect to a London born and bred Fitzhenry family!! However, enough on the background!!

I have been unable to locate either George or Ann Fitzhenry in the 1891 census. I believe that George may have died, aged 39 in 1879, London (certificate pending). However, I HAVE been able to locate two of George and Ann's children in 1891 - living at 32 Falcon St BATTERSEA !! It would appear (if I am reading the census correctly) that Falcon St intersects with Duffield St, Battersea, the address listed for the mystery Ann Fitzhenry buried at Brompton. Despite the fact that mystery Ann is listed about 6 years older than I would have expected for my Ann, the circumstancial evidence does seem suggestive that they are in fact the same woman. Given the relative rarity of the surname Fitzhenry, surely it would be an extreme coincidence to have two completely unrelated family groupings living so close together in the same time frame. Consequently, I think it more than likely that the mystery lady is in fact Elizabeth Fitzhenry's daughter-in-law, Ann.
However, if anyone reading this can shed more light on the mystery, please drop us

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