Monday, 17 November 2008

Wexford to Liverpool to Forest Creek Australia - another Fitzhenry migration

Sandra Fuller has written from Australia with her Fitzhenry tree (welcome Sandra!) She would be very pleased to hear from anyone who recognises any of the people below.
As usual, responses can be made by leaving a comment to this post, or send me an email and I'll forward it to Sandra.
She writes:

My AUSTRALIAN Fitzhenrys originated from Edward born in Wexford IRE around 1797 where he married Ellen Kavanagh who was born around 1804.
One of their 10 children, Stephen (my great great Grandfather) was born 1826 in Liverpool ENG. He came out to Sydney, NSW, Australia in approximately 1850, most probably as a Merchant Seaman but not sure. We think he was the only child from the family to venture out of England to Australia.

Stephen married Mary Davies in 1851 in Sydney, Australia. Mary was born in Dennyloanhead, Stirling, Scotland in 1853.
Soon after marrying Stephen and Mary went to Forest Creek, Victoria, Australia in search of Gold and what would be very harsh conditions in which to live.
My Great Grandfather Edward was born
in 1853 at Forest Creek Vic, Australia. His mother and my great great grandmother Mary Davies is a mystery with not a lot of information on her family or how she arrived in Australia.

My great grandfather Edward Fitzhenry married Eliza Mary Reed in Sydney NSW in 1874. My grandfather, Daniel Fitzhenry was born in 1889 in Ultimo, NSW, Australia but died in 1922 of pernicous anaemia. He was one of 10 children. My Father, Frank Fitzhenry was born in 1919 in Drummoyne, NSW, Australia.

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  1. Talk about a circle!! This appears to be the family that Peter Fitzhenry (died 1917)refer posting of 27 November 2008 links into. His father Matthew was another son of Stephen and Mary. Interesting that the family seems centred on Ultimo, NSW even 20 years after Matthew's birth...the cousins must have been aware of each other, and possibly even closely connected! It's exciting to see link ups ocurring !

  2. Are you aware that Stephen Fitzhenry is listed in a 1861 rates document in The Sydney Archives.On page 6 Assesment number 101 Stephen Fitzhenry is listed as the person rated for occupation of a property situated at 189 George St Sydney. The property was actually owned by Mr William Long, who owned 6 other properties neighbouring Stephen's. The property is listed as a house and shop, is made of iron and wood, with an iron roof. It is one storey , and has 3 rooms and the gross annual value was 75 pounds.
    If he was living there with his family it would have been a very tight squeeze!! It doesn't give a hint to what he was selling in the shop...I wonder if a directory might give a hint?

    Lesley Champion