Monday, 17 November 2008

Another "deviant" spelling and hello to the Volante family.

I was very pleased last week to get an email from Michael Volante, the son of Mrs Betty Volante, the lady who had contacted Bev Kronk all those years ago.
Mrs Volante herself is not on email, so we're conversing via Mike at the moment (thanks Mike!) but she sent me an entry from the 1851 census that I hadn't already got.
The reason I hadn't got it is due once again to the notoriously bad transcription on the Ancestry site.

So at 9 Griggs Court, St Mary's Whitechapel London we have:
Mary Fitzhenry head widow
aged 60 laundress Ireland Kilkenny
James Fitzhenry son married
aged 32 gunmaker St Georges East, Middlesex
Caroline Fitzhenry daughter-in-law married aged 30 Bishopgate Street
Thomas Fitzhenry son of head umarried aged 26 cigar maker Wapping Middlesex

Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1546; Folio: 24; Page: 42

If you want to see the census sheet for yorself on Ancestry, you have to search under Fitchenny and poor old James is transcribed as Jane.

But at least that clears up where Mary was in the 1851 census - I had speculated in a previous post that she may have been the unmarried house-servant in the house of Rebecca Loosnig, lodginghouse keeper and claiming that she was 53 years old. But this is definitely the right Mary, my great-great-great-great - grandmother.

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