Saturday, 22 November 2008

South African Connection??

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Whilst trying to track the descendants of George Fitzhenry (the son of the Brompton lady) - William, Annie (Puddle) and George, I came across the following outgoing passenger entry, that suggests that the younger George migrated to South Africa.
Name: George Fitzhenry
Date of Departure: 13 October 1930
Port of Depature: Southampton
Destination Port: Cape
Destination Country: South Africa
Date of Birth: 1875
Age: 55
Occupation: Lithographer

Others travelling with him were Daphne and Laura Fitzhenry.

The ship was USARAMO of the Deutsche-Ost-Afrika line. and the ships ultimate destination was Durban, Port Natal, South Africa.

I had heard that there were Fitzhenrys in South Africa, but wasn't aware of how they might connect to the other Fitzhenry groups.

If you have a South African connection, why not drop us a line, and fill us in on this mysterious branch??

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