Friday, 7 May 2010

Marriage of Florence Fitzhenry and Thomas Potton (Berkhampstead 1903)

Another contribution from a Guild of One Name Studies member, Annie Berman.
Annie is conducting the Boustred one name study.
Annie noted that the writing in this register was truly dreadful, and I've put [square brackets] around words that may be incorrect. The date may be the 8th of July.
Marriage solemnized at the church of St Lawrence in Nettleden, Hertfordshire

[9th] July 1903

Thomas Potton, 25 years, bachelor, a brick layer
Resident in Nettleden
Son of Cabel Potton a bricklayer
Florence Fitzhenry aged 28 years spinster
Resident in [Nettleden]
Daughter of Matthew Fitzhenry a [gentleman]

Both parties signed
Witnesses: Thomas Holliday and Bertha Potton.
The witnesses were themselves married in 1907.

Who was Florence? She was a long way from home as she was the fourth of seven children born in Liverpool to Matthew and Mary Fitzhenry. Matthew was a blacksmith born in 1829 in Wexford Ireland, and he was the son of Edward Fitzhenry and Ellen Kavanagh of Wexford.
To view the whole of this large family group (which has a large offshoot in Australia too) follow this link
to the Fitzhenry database.

In the 1901 census Florence had been living with her widowed older sister Josephine Kelsall (nee Fitzhenry) and her four chidren, and was supporting the family finances as a dressmaker. Any information as to why she found herself in Hertfordshire 2 years later would be gratefully received.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

This marriage information was also contributed by Susan Atkins from the Guild of One Name Studies, who is researching the Scotchmer name:
Marriage solemized at St John the Divine in the parish of West Derby in the County of Lancashire.
26 March 1861

Edward Henry Fitzhenry
of full age, bachelor, doctor of medicine
Resident at Waterloo
Son of Samuel Fitzhenry, a gentleman
Mary Bowen Forwood, a minor, spinster
Resident at Edge Lane
Daughter of Thomas B Forwood, a merchant

According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, in the presence of
C B Forwood
L B Forwood
C Snood
Alfred Crosfuld
Just as luck would have it, Janet Long from the USA wrote to me this evening from the Fitzhenry DNA and database website, so I was able to append this information that she sent me:
Hello! So glad to see the site. I have info on #12 on your chart regarding Fitzhenrys – Samuel Fitzhenry of Wexford and his wife Mary Graham (who is related to me), who were married in 1817 in the Rossdroit Church of Ireland, Wexford. Their son, Edward Henry Fitzhenry’s info is as follows:
Edward Henry Fitzhenry, M.D., born about 1830 in Castleboro, Wexford married Mary Bower Forwood on 26 March 1861 at St. John’s Fairfield, Lancaster, England.
Their son Claude Bower Fitzhenry was born November 1862 in England, married a Edith Jessie, born Feb. 1872.

Claude and Edith had two sons:
Edward Graham/Grayham FitzHenry was born 6 November 1893 in Mhow, Bengal, India and christened 6 December 1893 in the same place.
Noel Brittain Fitzhenry born December 1906 in England.
I believe that this little family was in British Columbia, Canada in 1911 (census records).

Hope this helps. I should add that I know that Samuel F and wife Mary Graham had at least one more son, per Debrett’s House of Commons and Judicial Report, , 1878, but cannot find the book to see the full reference. Mary Graham’s family lived on Lord Carew’s estate and at one time, I believe, Mary’s brother, John was the steward of the estate. They also ran the mill there and are ancestors of mine. (Shapland Carew’s estate books mention this family several times.) Also, if anyone is interested in this family, please let me know. I’d love to share info.
Claude also used the middle name Brittain, and it was as Claude Brittain Fitz-Henry he married Edith Jessie Violet Bird in Litchfield in 1890.

If you have information about this family, then drop Janet a line via this Blog's email address, or add a comment to this posting.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Marriage of Charles Fitzhenry and Jane Henry

I'm very grateful to Susan Atkins from the Guild of One Name Studies for the marriage information in this posting.
Marriage solemnized at St John the Baptist Toxteth Park in the parish of St John the Baptist in the County of Lancaster

9th August 1879

Charles Fitzhenry aged 24, bachelor, a mariner
Residing at 9 Prophet Street
Son of John Fitzhenry a labourer

Jane Henry aged 26, a widow,
Residing at 9 Prophet Street
Daughter of William Williams (deceased), a rigger

after Banns
In the presence of William and Elizabeth Poole.
Charles and Jane seem to disappear for 20 years, but turn up again in the 1901 census. They are still living in Toxteth Park in Liverpool. Charles is a marine fireman. Both give their birthplace as Liverpool. They have no children.

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