Friday, 5 December 2008

Revealed:The Mystery Lady of Brompton Cemetery

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Well, this is one loose end that can definately be sewn up !! Today two death certificates arrived, one of which was for the mystery lady, Ann Fitzhenry, discovered at Brompton cemetery by erstwhile Fitzhenry sleuth Jo!

The document positively confirms the lady's identity as Ann Fitzhenry daughter-in-law of Elizabeth (and Michael) Fitzhenry, and widow of their eldest son George Fitzhenry.

Ann died of Enteritis on the 29th April 1889 at 61 Duffield Street West Battersea. Her occupation is listed as "Widow of George Fitzhenry a compositor" . Whilst one might take issue with this description as being an occupation, it certainly helps to confirm her identity!. The absolute proof though, is the name and relationship of the informant, A E Puddle. This is Annie Puddle, Ann's eldest child, and who was living with her brother George FH in Battersea in 1891. The certificate identifies A E Puddle as the deceased's daughter, and she was present at her mother's death.

So another mystery solved, but another emerges........what happened to Ann's two sons, William born in Ireland in 1868 and George Fitzhenry born Manchester 1875 ? Maybe the 1911 census release will help to solve this one....but if you know what happened to the two FH boys, please don't keep us in suspense, drop a line here !!

PS. For those who were wondering, the second death certificate was for Ann's husband, George Fitzhenry who died 9 May 1879 of Phthisis (TB) aged 39. He was living at 18 Pimlico Rd Pimlico Belgrave when he died, and was an Army Pensioner at this date (having previously been in the 12th Lancers). The informant was his widow A Fitzhenry (see subject of above entry).

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