Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fitz-Henry entries in the Kilbride parish registers (County Wicklow)

Bev Kronk has sent us these register entries from the LDS microfiche of the registers of the burial grounds of Old Kilbride and New Kilbride. We have featured these cemeteries before in the series about the Cantwell memorial transcriptions.
The fiche comes with the bonus of also including the baptism register.
Bev's text is in normal font, and my notes are in italics. I've put hyphens in their names as this was how they spelled it.

Name – Where born – Date of Burial – Register Number - Age

Ann Maria Arklow 5 Apr 1844 157 4 ½ years
This girl would have been born in 1839. She isn't mentioned in the Cantwell transcriptions, but her year of birth may make her the daughter of Robert Edward and Elizabeth Fitz-Henry and hence the elder sister of Susanna Fitz-Henry who married George Wilson, and Wilhelmina Fitz-Henry who is mentioned below.

Elizabeth Dublin 15 Aug 1848 290 61 years
The mother of Robert Fitz-Henry 1819-1857 mentioned below.

Elizabeth Arklow 26 Jun 1862 559 51 years
Wife of Robert Edward Fitz-Henry and mother of Susanna and Wilhelmina (and maybe Ann Maria) Fitz-Henry.

Henry Joseph Arklow 24 Oct 1841 107 2 weeks - Infant
Again, not mentioned in the previous Cantwell transcriptions, but the right age to be another child of Robert Edward and Elizabeth Fitz-Henry.

Johanna Arklow 3 Apr 1844 156 38 years
Born in 1806. She may be another child of William and Sibella (see this post) but the adult children seem well accounted for in the gravestone memorials. She may be a sister of Robert (1819-1857) or a wife of someone that we haven't met yet.

Mary Jane Arklow 16 Dec 1849 313 2 ½ years – Infant
The first child of the marriage of William Fitz-Henry and Mary Jenkinson.

First Name not stated Arklow 19 Jan 1890 186 Not stated
The only candidate for this entry is Mary Fitz-Henry nee Jenkinson, the second wife of William Fitz-Henry.

Robert Dublin 2 Oct 1857 460 38 years
Robert's death date and age in the Cantwell transcriptions didn't match up with the dates for his mother. His age in Cantwell was transcribed as 58, rather than the 38 given here. This makes far more sense, as now his mother Elizabeth's dates are 1787-1848 and Roberts are 1819-1857.

Robert Arklow 2 Feb 1848 264 32 years
Born 1816. I've no idea how he fits in!

Robert Edward Arklow 8 Apr 1854 398 4 years
The third child of William Fitz-Henry and Mary Jenkinson.

Wihemina Arklow 20 Sep 1860 524 17 years
[the Christian name is how it was recorded – no letter l]
The sister of Susanna Fitz-Henry - here's her memorial.

William Arklow 24 Oct 1859 498 71 years
The patriarch of the family. He was married firstly to Sibella, and then Mary Jenkinson.

William Arklow 9 Jan 1843 133 23 years
The third child of William and Sibella Fitz-Henry

All are children of Charles J and Charlotte Elizabeth FITZHENRY. Charles and Elizabeth and two of their infant children were buried at St Bridgid's churchyard and we have featured this family in a previous post.

Name – Date of Baptism – Reference Number

John Joseph – 5 Sep 1886 – 87 A
Josephine Emily – 15 Feb 1888 – 101 A
Kathleen Jane – 8 Oct 1887 – 93 A

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Enoch Fitzhenry's stone in the Veteran's Park, Dublin, Ohio

In May 2009, we featured the unveiling ceremony of the memorial stones to Enoch Fitzhenry and many other American revolutionaries, in this blog posting.

These are in the Veteran's Park in Dublin, Ohio.

Sharon Ambrose (herself a descendant of Enoch) was kind enough to send us this photo of the actual memorial stone to Enoch Fitzhenry. Thanks Sharon!

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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Professor Terrance Fitz-Henry 1939-2010

The Blog wishes to mark the passing of Terrance R. Fitz-Henry, retired professor of English and theatre at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY., who has died at the age of 71.
Terry was hiking at Franconia Notch, New Hampshire when he died, where he was scattering the ashes of a close friend.

We would like to send our condolences to his family and friends.

Here is his on-line obituary

From the family members mentioned in the obituary, it appears he was the grandson of John Joseph Fitz-Henry of the Fitz-Henry family orignally of Arklow, County Wicklow.

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