Thursday, 27 November 2008

Nerdy stats update

We've now broken into double figures with our blog subscribers - Feedburner tells me there's a grand total of 11 of you out there receiving our blog updates. Well done chaps. We now have two more people subscribing to the blog than there were at the first Queen gig back in 1972.

So as always I'll sign off with the strapline....

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  1. This is indeed impressive...we all know how Queen's support grew to mega millions something to live up to !!(Were there really only 9 people at their first concert??!!)BTW When I hear of Queen, I always remember the statement attributed to Freddy where he supposedly said Queen would never play in Australia again after the appalling recception they got from the audience at Sunbury (the Australian equivalent of Woodstock) which would have been around that time...they must have improved alot though, because they were a really great band when I listened to them !!

    BTW. I have been toying with the idea of sending a one-off letter to every Fitzhenry listed in the Australian phone books (there are only 6 states & 2 territories, and not many Fitzhenry entries so not too daunting a task!) and just letting them know of the site. What are everyone's thoughts on it...too 'in your face' or an OK thought??

  2. Re contacting all Fitzhenrys by letter - great idea Lesley - I am willing to send you some postage stamps!!!!

    Many years ago I used the current electoral roll for addresses - which worked well - and yes I have kept the letters, and in recent years was able to pass on one of them to a fellow Fitzhenry researcher, as it was from one of her family connections. Although it was typewritten, the gentleman had signed it. Another 'piece of paper' with an original signature to add to the files!!!!!

    Loved the reference to Queen. Great music to have on when knitting - I wore out the first cassette tape I bought.