Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Thanks to a kind volunteer in Indiana I had this magnificant photo in my email today.
Allen FitzHenry was the grandson of Enoch FitzHenry (the patriarch of most American FitzHenrys) and the son of William Fortune FitzHenry. You might recall (or not) that William Fortune was the only relative Enoch ever saw once he left Ireland. Enoch named one of his children, William Fortune FitzHenry, in his honor.
William Fortune FitzHenry married Delilah Anne Pierce on June 12, 1827. According to my records William and Delilah had 10 children. Allen was born November 21, 1840. He married Sarah Elizabeth Wormoth. She died at the age of 39. They are buried in the Valley Cemetery in Jefferson, Indiana.
If anyone has additional information about this branch of the FitzHenry family tree, please contact us.
I love surprises!
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