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Updates from the Enoch Fitzhenry line

Before I continue with the Cantwell memorials, here's some "Enoch updates" from two people who made contact with us after reading Mrs Hodge's information about Enoch Fitzhenry.

The first was Mrs Martha Urban, from Houston, Texas, who writes:

"My mother was a Fitzhenry - the great, great, granddaughter of Enoch, the great, granddaughter of James Calder Fitzhenry, the granddaughter of Almond Fitzhenry, and the daughter of William Decatur Fitzhenry. That makes me the great, great, great granddaughter of Enoch."
She was delighted to see Enoch's poem "Exile of Erin", as she has both another typed version and a photocopy of the original which was passed from her aunt Lula Mae Fitzhenry Collins.
"I have read and re-read the poem from Mrs. Hodge. The only variation in my copy is at the end of the 4th verse, where it says
"Tears like the rain drop, fall without measure"
my copy continues with the last line,
"But rapture and beauty, they cannot recall!"
I also have a copy of the poem in Enoch's own handwriting. It is not very legible, but I can see this line written in the 4th verse. On the side of the poem is written, "full copy in Enoch's own handwriting!" and it is signed either SW or DW (I think) Fitzhenry. I don't know how my aunt acquired it."
Having looked through the Enoch tree, I can't see any strong candidates (male or female) for an SW or DW Fitzhenry. George Washington Fitzhenry (son of Enoch) died as a baby. It could be
Watts Davis Fitzhenry (grandson of Enoch 1853-1936) or William Decatur Fitzhenry (great-grandson of Enoch, 1878-1960) with the initials transposed, but for now this remains another mystery!

The second person who wrote to us is Sharon Ambrose. She is descended from Enoch via his eldest daughter Mary who married David Morrison.
Her line goes like this:

David Morrison b 14 Jan 1774 d 4 Apr 1850
married Mary Fitz Henry b 27 Nov 1788 Vermont d 26 Dec 1879
Their 15 children were:
  • Abigel Morrison b 12 May 1806
  • Enoch Morrison b 17 Aug 1807 d 1840
  • Susan Morrison b 10 Feb 1809 New York d 4 Oct 1907 Luzerne, PA
  • Henery Morrison b 28 May 1810
  • Mary Morrison b 20 Feb 1812 d Mar 1847
  • Noah Morrison 28 Apr 1813
  • Olive M Morrison 3 Jul 1815 New York d 12 Dec 1913 Village of Worthington, Franklin Co. Ohio married Mr Ortman
  • Betsy Morrison b 21 Aug 1816
  • Jane Morrison b 23 May 1817
  • David Morrison b 16 Apr 1821
  • Robert Thompson Morrison b 14 Feb 1823
  • Diantha Morrison b 2 Jul 1825
  • Louisa Morrison b 8 Oct 1827
  • Hiram Morrison b 24 Jan 1830 New York, NY d12 Feb 1911 Sullivan Township, Ashland County, Ohio married Emily Benner 1858 ; occupation: shoemaker
  • Roxena Morrison b 8 Feb 1833 d 1833
The children of Hiram and Emily (Benner) Morrison were
  • Thomas Jefferson Morrison b 7 Nov 1858 PA;
    occupation 1880 census: farm laborer;
    occupation 1900 census: bicycle tube cutter
    married Jennie Clarke b 10 Sep 1860 d 15 Jan 1914 Akron, Ohio
  • Seth Benner Morrison b 24 Mar 1861 Parker City, PA d 18 Apr 1952 Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio married Margaret Jane Gruissey 24 Oct 1880
  • Phoebe Ellen Morrison b 4 Aug 1864 River Styx, Ohio d 9 Sep 1942 Barberton, Ohio
  • Eldridge Morrison b 4 Oct 1865 occupation 1900 census poultry raising
  • Emily Catherine Morrison b 15 Jan 1866
  • Lillian Morrison b 25 Nov 1870
The children of Seth Benner & Margaret Jane (Gruissey) Morrison are
  • Desda Mona Morrison b 8 Aug 1881 d 8 Oct 1968
  • Lena Belle Morrison b 24 Mar 1883 Lafayette, Medina County, Ohio d abt 1962
  • Albert Rowlen Morrison b 14 Apr 1884 Guilford, Medina County, Ohio d abt 1977 m Dora Morrison
  • Emily Agusta Morrison b 12 Sep 1888 Westfield, Medina County, Ohio
  • Florence Vera Morrison b 29 Nov 1896 Creston, Medina County, Ohio
  • Paul Morrison b 6 Dec 1899 Sullivan, Ashland County, Ohio
  • Pauline Morrison b 6 Dec 1899 Sullivan, Ashland County, Ohio d 12 Jun 1979 Norwalk, Huron Co. Ohio married Elmer Maurer 25 Dec 1918 Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio (b 24 Oct 1898 d 26 Mar 1958)
Pauline and Elmer Maurer are her grandparents. If any one recognises any of these names and would like to contact Sharon, please leave a comment at the end of this posting, or send a message to the Blog.

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