Friday, 27 August 2010

More on Enoch - Exclusive!

This entry by Peter Wilson need a bit of a pre-amble!
Peter is the son-in-law of Austin Paul Fitz-Henry (Australia).
Our Ann Fitzhenry is the wife of Troy Fitzhenry (USA) who is a direct descendant of Enoch Fitzhenry.
They were the two men who turned up the almost perfect DNA match in the test last year without previously having guessed of any relationship at all.
Now read on...

Peter writes:
Troy FitzHenry is a direct descendant from our Enoch. He found that he had a Y-DNA match with Paul Fitz-Henry in Australia which means almost certainly that Troy, Paul and Enoch are all related.
Paul is the last known male of the Fitz-Henry line that migrated to Australia and New Zealand and he has three daughters. His youngest daughter Paula, married Rick Young and they have produced three daughters also. The middle daughter is Codie Young.

You may well ask where this is all leading?

Well Troy now has a relative who as of this Wednesday will be the fashion model on the Vogue Magazine Cover in Australia (October Edition). Click on and then click on Vogue Magazine after next Wednesday.

That means that Troy and Enoch have relatives from Australia and New Zealand that have spent time in Leavenworth Prison, owned mines in Chile, been advertising experts, newspaper editors, farmers and fashion models. Never know what you are about to dig up in the family!!!

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