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Cantwell memorials: Clongeen, County Wexford (1)

is a bit of a way away from the previous graveyards. It's more south-east, just above Wellingtonbridge.

This is the first mention that we have of Fitzhenry family members who have emigrated.
Mary McGrath nee Fitzhenry of Coolboy (on the map) stayed at home, but at least two of her children went to the USA. As before, the spellings are as per Cantwell's transcriptions.
Erected by Thomas and James McGrath
in memory of their mother
Mary McGrath nee Fitzhenry of Coolboy
who died Jan 1889
aged 52 years
The above Thomas McGrath
Died in Millwalkey USA
29th July 1916 aged 38
also their sister Teresa McGrath
died 18th Jan 1944 aged 77 years
A bit of background research on the FamilySearch website of the LDS church shows that Mary Fitzhenry was married to one Thomas McGrath.
They had at least 7 children:

Bridget McGrath born around 1865 - she emigrated to America and was married to Joseph Smith.

Johana Teresa McGrath - born 10 June 1866 in Carrigbyrne, County Wexford (Baptism record). I believe this is the same person as the Teresa McGrath commemorated on the gravestone. This indicates that she did not marry.

Mary McGrath - born 16 September 1868 Carrigbyrne, County Wexford (baptism record)

Eleanor McGrath - born 28 June 1870 in Carrigbyrne, County Wexford (baptism record)

Anastasia McGrath - born 22 November 1870 in Carrigbyrne, County Wexford (baptism record)

Then a big gap to Thomas E. McGrath born about 1878. We know this both from this gravestone and from US census data.
In the Wisconsin State census of 1905, Thomas was living in Milwaukee aged 27, with his sister Bridget (aged 40), her husband Joseph Smith (also originally from Ireland) and their 5 children (all born in the US). Thomas was a carpenter on the railroads.
In the 1910 census, he was still living in Milwaukee, but had married Sarah the year before. They had no children at the time of the census. He gave his immigration year as 1892, 3 years after his mother died. We know that Thomas himself died in July 1916.

James McGrath, the seventh child, is our mystery man. He is on the gravestone as Mary's son but as yet I have confirmed sighting of him. In the 1901 census there is a James McGrath aged 25 (born 1876 which is the right time frame), a "Navvie Foreman" living with his wife Johanna and their 3 children. They live in Ballyannan, Clongeen, Wexford. This may be him.

So where was Mary's husband Thomas buried, given that he didn't get buried with her?

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