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Cantwell memorials: Clongeen, County Wexford (2)

These are the other memorials at Clongeen. They are all very much older than the McGrath family gravestone. At present I do no have any extra information about these people, so if you can add anything, please leave a comment attached to this posting.

Rospile should be spelt Rosspile and is also on the map. All text is as per the Cantwell transcriptions.

Stone 1

Erected in the memory of William Fitzhenry
of Rospile who died 5th Jan 1818 aged 55
years also his wife Mary Fitzhenry
who died 19th Jany 1848 aged 70 yrs also his
daughter Johana Whitty alias Fitzhenry
who died 2nd November 1845 aged 34 yrs also
his son Moses Fitzhenry who died 12th Jan
1847 aged 37 yrs also his son John Fitz
who died 8th March 1848 aged 34 years

As the dates are out of order again, I wonder if Mary died in 1843 rather than 1848 (similar shape with the carving), and then the children would have died in sequence in 1845, 1847 and 1848.

Stone 2

Here lies ye body of Moses Fitzhenry
Departed this life Nov 10th 1766
aged 34 years also ye body of his (wife*) Powl alias Fitzhenry
who depd April 7th 1773 aged 48 years

Cantwell's annotation: * word ommitted here by the mason, possibly "wife".

Stone 3

Here lieth the body of
Matthew Fitzhenry who
deceased August the 14th
1783 aged 70 years

Stones 4 and 5 together

Here lieth the body of John Fitzhenry
depd this life Dec 7th 1782
aged 60 years

Here lieth the body of
Elenor Fitzhenry alias
Furlong dep March 21st
1788 aged 63 years.

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