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Cantwell memorials: St Abban's RC church, Adamstown, Wexford.

Adamstown is a bit further east than all the places mentioned in the Cantwell memorials so far, but Knockroe is between Rathgarogue and Palace, just north of the modern N30 road (Here's the updated map). Knockroe and Adamstown are about 7 miles apart using the most direct route.
St Abban's Church
has a website here.

In the previous posting about the Ballyanne poor school (Link to the school website), a Patrick Fitzhenry was one of the masters who married a Margaret Hayes, principle of the Rathagarogue Girls School.
Their dates of service at the schools fit in with the death dates given here, although from the school service records Patrick would have been born in 1821, but would have been born in 1818 from this gravestone. Margaret started her teaching career in Adamstown.
It is likely they are the same couple who are on the first gravestone, but it's not definite.

Their surviving daughter became a Shortall, which is not a surname that I've encountered before in this one-name study, so a big welcome to them!

From the dates, and the proximity of the graves, it seems that Patrick is the son of Laurence and Johanna Fitzhenry. However, the given age at death for Johanna of 44 years doesn't fit with the ages of either her husband or her three children named on her stone. Johanna must have been born before 1800 to have children with birth years of 1819 (Mary) between 1818 and 1821 (Patrick) 1824 (Nicholas) and 1827 (Johanna) and was at least 73 years old. So while I've put the text as Brian Cantwell gave it, this needs some more research.

Two head stones side by side, a)right and b)left

Erected in loving memory
Patrick Fitzhenry Knockroe
who died 1st Nov 1866 aged 48 years
and his wife Margaret Fitzhenry
who died 14th Sept 1859 aged
38 years also three of their
children named respectively
James, Laurence and Bridget
who died young also their
daughter Mary Anne Shortall
Who died 9th May 1905 aged
49 years also their grandson
John Joseph Shortall who died
28th Dec 1910 aged 22 years
also Robert Shortall
beloved husband of
Mary Anne Shortall who died
9th March 1931 aged 87 years.
In loving memory
Laurence Fitzhenry
who died 20th June 1869 aged 88 years
and his wife Johanna Fitzhenry
who died 13 June 1873 aged 44 years
and their son Nicholas Fitzhenry
who died 2nd Nov 1889 aged 65 years
also their daughter Mary Wadden nee Fitzhenry who died
25th Dec 1891 aged 72 years
and Johanna Fitzhenry who died
23rd Sept 1911 aged 84 years.
Tomorrow - more about this family in the Irish censuses

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