Monday, 8 March 2010

George Ormond Fitzhenry (1879-1970) - artist

This landscape done in pastels recently came up on eBay. It is the work of George Ormond Fitzhenry who although born in Wisconsin, migrated to California and majored in still life and paintings of the region.

George was born to Robert and Catherine ("Katie") Fitzhenry in Wisconsin, the oldest of three children. The 1880 US census shows Robert and Katie running a fruit and confectionery shop in Fond Du Lac along with Robert's brother Thomas. Robert and Thomas gave their birthplace as New York, the sons of Irish immigrants. Katie was born in Wisconsin.
George's brothers were Winfred (born 1883) and Leo (born 1885).
Robert died sometime between the 1880 US census and the 1895 Wisconsin state census.

George was married to Mary, a German woman who immigrated with her parents in early childhood. They moved to Los Angeles in 1921 and lived in this region for the rest of their lives.

As yet I haven't found any record for Robert and Thomas before the 1880 US census, but logic says that they should be there with their Irish parents in the 1870 US census - if anyone has found them please let me know.

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