Monday, 22 March 2010


Ann Furtado has sent me oodles of stuff which she has gleaned over the decades in her search for her Wexford Fitzhenry ancestors and for which I am very grateful.

She has also reminded me that I should really be looking into some of the Fitzharris lines as the surnames Fitzhenry and Fitzharris were often used interchangeably. Some previous correspondents have also raised this issue.

So if any Fitzharrises out there have an inkling that they might once have been a Fitzhenry... then drop us a line. This means that the Fitz(-)henry one name study eventually may have to be enlarged to include the Fitzharris surname but for now I would rather keep them separate, as just doing Fitzhenry is enough to fill all my time at present!

If there is a Fitzharris family history society or one-name study that I haven't found, please get in touch and hopefully we can collaborate.

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  1. Matthew Fitzhenry23 March 2010 at 00:22

    A DNA comparison between both families would do the trick