Monday, 15 March 2010

The Fitzhenrys of St Paul's parish, Ontario.

From the book
The story of St. Paul's Parish, Toronto. Commemorating the centenary of the first parish church in the Archdiocese of Toronto (1922)
By the Reverend Edward Kelly (1875-1937)

This is a photo of Father Thomas W. Fitzhenry who was priest to the parish of St Pauls from 1852-58. At this time he would have been 33-39 years old - this photo looks like it was taken much later in in this man's life.

In 1851 Father Fitzhenry was responsible for founding a school in St Pauls which was actually held in the church building itself. In 1853, he had a three roomed school built in the parish.

This rather beautiful young woman is "Miss J M Fitzhenry" of the League of the Sacred Heart" (page 263). Julia Mary Fitzhenry was born in 1869, and by the time the book was published in 1922 had already "gone to her reward".

At the end of the book is a subscription list for the erection of the new church building in 1887. Miss Fitzhenry and Miss Gorman were collecting in Mill Street. This may be a coincidence, but a Mrs Gorman (widow) and her two teenage daughters were part of Father Thomas' and William Fitzhenry's household in the 1861 census.
Mrs Fitzhenry (the widowed Mary Fitzhenry nee Riordan) lived on Front Street and had contributed $18.

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