Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Chelsea Pensioner records - Daniel Fitzhenry

The third of this series is about Daniel Fitzhenry, a lad from Liverpool, Lancashire. Daniel enlisted in the Kings Royal Rifles in 1894 aged 19, having already served in the local militia.
His next of kin were his father Edward Fitzhenry and brothers Edward and James, all of No. 3 court 5 House, Bolton Street Liverpool.

Daniel seems to have had a more chequered military career than our other two Fitzhenrys. He was docked one to two weeks pay for various misdemeanors on an intermittent basis, and then in 1898 was convicted at a Court Martial of desertion, fined 84 days pay and had all his previous service discounted.
This Court Martial appears to have taken place when he was stationed in South Africa.

More about Daniel:
Daniel was the son of Edward Fitzhenry, a coppersmith and Eleanor Behan.
Edward was born in Liverpool of Irish parentage and Eleanor were from Ireland.
Daniel was born in 1874 in Liverpool and his siblings were John Richard (1868), James (1872) and Matthew (1876).
Eleanor died in 1881 and in 1884 Edward married again to Delia O'Keeffe.
Daniel was a carter before he joined the army and when he left it, he went north to Scotland. The 1901 census finds him in Glasgow, married to Mary, a native of that city.

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