Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ballybrennan inscriptions - Jeremiah Fitzhenry

The star gravestone of the collection, but the one that I couldn't read because of the lichen covering and the railings prevented me from getting a closer look! So I'm indebted to the transcription made by Bree parish and published on their website.
I think the lichen must have also been a problem when they transcribed the inscription as I have two corrections:
Jeremiah Fitzhenry died in 1845 rather than 1815 (that problem with the indistinct fours again!)
William Fitzhenry did die in December 1811, but he was 83 years old, rather than 3 years old.
Here's my amended version:
This monument has been erected by WILLIAM FITZHENRY
to the memory of his son LUKE FITZHENRY
as a lasting proof of the high esteem in which he held his filial piety and other values.
He was born 26th December 1772 and died 2nd July 1807
aged 35 years.

Here also lies the remains of BRIAN FITZHENRY
who died 1st May 1780 aged 18 years

Also the remains of WILLIAM FITZHENRY, Ballymackey
who died the 23rd of December 1811 aged 83 years.

Also the remains of JEREMIAH FITZHENRY of Borohill
who died the 23rd of February 1845 aged 73 years
and to whom memory this monument is particularly erected.

May they rest in peace
I've written more about the family history of these men in a previous posting, but if anyone has any more information, I would be very grateful to receive it.

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