Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ballybrennan inscriptions - Catherine Fitzhenry, the one that I missed!

I missed this stone as it was nowhere near the other Fitzhenry graves, and once again I'm indebted to the Bree parish website for evidence of its existence and for the transcription
Here lies the body of PATRICK NOWLAN
departed this life October 26th 1820 aged 19 years.



Also the body of ELENOR NOWLAN, her daughter
who departed this life February 8th 1826 aged 24 years.

The missing name is probably (but not defintely) the name of Catherine's husband.
Unfortunately there are no mention of Catherine's forebears or dates but if Catherine had her children in her twenties, then she was born in the 1780s. She probably died between 1820 and 1826 if the deaths are arranged in order.
There are no other Nowlans buried in the graveyard but there is a collection of Nolans from Sparrowsland, a township just south of Ballybrennan.

This is the last post about Ballybrennan graveyard and indeed the last of the Wexford Road Trip series.
We did have a brief look around New Ross when we passed through, but didn't find anything worth reporting on (apart from the New Ross Piano Festival, including an open air concert in the main street). New Ross will be a project for the next trip.

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  1. Hi Jo, Just to let you know how much I appreciate and have enjoyed reading all the posts about your 'road trip'. The photos are great, as is all the information. What an effort to spend your time deciphering and recording and comparing the details from the headstones. Thanks.

  2. Hello again Bev! Thanks for the compliments - I hope all this nerdy gravestone stuff helps to slowly uncover some more distant Irish links. There will be some more Wexford related stuff coming soon courtesy of Wendy Rutter.