Monday, 16 November 2009

The new Y- DNA testing prices for Christmas!

In October we were very excited when due to the marvels of Y-DNA testing, we found that Ann's Fitzhenry family in the USA (the descendants of the legendary Enoch) was related to Wendy's Fitzhenry family (originally from Oulartwick, Wexford and now in New Zealand and Australia).

So far we've got three men from three separate family groups tested - but we need more men! And up to the end of the Christmas holiday period our testing company FamilyTreeDNA are offering the following reduced prices for Y-DNA tests done within a one-name study.
To qualify, the test has to be paid for in full by
31st December 2009, but this isn't the deadline for doing the test and returning it, just in case anyone was thinking of surprising their nearest and dearest with a cheek swab on Christmas morning!

For the purposes of our study we only need a 37 marker test, but there are more detailed tests available and the purposes of these are described below each test name on the FamilyTreeDNA website.

Here's the prices in American dollars:
  • Y-DNA37 – promotional price $119 (reg. price $149)
  • Y-DNA67 – promotional price $209 (reg. price $239)
  • mtDNAPlus – promotional price $139 (reg. price $149)
  • SuperDNA – promotional price $488 (reg. price $665)

And here's the link to the Fitzhenry/Fitz-Henry surname study to get the special discount prices.

Due to some research I've been doing recently, any man with the surname Fitzsenry is also welcome to join our study.

To participate, you have to be male (only men have the Y-chromosome which is tested) and have the surname Fitzhenry or Fitz-Henry or Fitzsenry which you inherited from your father.

If you're going to participate, or thinking about it, drop us a line. We're more than happy to answer any questions about the testing process that you can't find on the FamilyTreeDNA website.

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