Tuesday, 27 July 2010

London Road Trip - the Ballyanne cemetery inscriptions

The title may seem a bit strange, what with Ballyanne being in Wexford, but I've been having a great couple of days firstly at the Latter Day Saints London Family History Centre, and then at the National Archives at Kew.

So we will start the London Road trip in South Kensington at the London FHC.
The most heart-in-mouth event was finding the transcriptions of the gravestones at Ballyanne Wexford from Brian J Cantwell's collection "Memorials of the Dead". Brian Cantwell made a methodical study of all the graveyards in six Irish counties between 1970 and 1990, preserving their fading inscriptions for posterity. Luckily for us, he did Wexford. At the LFHC, these transcriptions are on-line and fully searchable.

Ballyanne is on the western side of County Wexford, near the border with Kilkenny and north of New Ross.

Here are the transciptions as Mr Cantwell wrote them. I think "Pallas" is the village of Palace to the east of Ballyanne, and Rathgoogue has already been corrected to Rathgarogue in the text by Mr Cantwell.
Ledger, fractured (A ledger stone is a flat grave covering with inscriptions on its upper side)

Erected by Richard Fitzhenry in memory of his father Laurence Fitzhenry
late of Rathgoogue (recte. Rathgarogue?)
who departed this life May 14th 1845 aged 71 years.

3 headstones in a row from a) right to c) left
Erected by Patrick Fortune of Pallas
in memory of his son
Laurence Fortune
depd this life Octr 18th 1802 aged 14 years
also Margaret Bardon alias Fortune
died July 17th 1836 aged 22 years
Margaret Fortune alias Fitzhenry
died July 17th 1837 aged 60 years

Erected by Laurence Fitzhenry
in memory of his father
Richard Fitzhenry

who depd this life March 27th 1795 aged 60 yrs
Laurence Fitzhenry
who depd this life March 20th 1804 aged 92 yrs
Nicholas Fitzhenry

who depd this life June 15th 1814 aged 93 years

Erected by Nicholas Fitzhenry
in memory of his father
James Fitzhenry
who departed this life April the 7th 1817
aged 42 years
also his mother
Mary Fitzhenry
who died January the 8th 1847
aged 76 years.
What do you think?
Is this the Fitzhenry / Fortune link that we have been looking for in Enoch's tree?

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