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The Enoch series part 3: The immediate family of Enoch Fitzhenry

This list of names and dates has been complied by Mrs Hodge and others from contemporaneous sources and the Bibles mentioned in the second post.
Some of the names and dates are different to those previously published in other forums.
As before Mrs Hodges' text is in purple and mine is in italics

First generation
Birth: 19 May, 1752, Ireland
Death: 10 October, 1835, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio

Marriage: 10 Feb. 1787, Denby Township, Rutland County, Vermont
Birth: 1 June 1772, New York
Death: 18 Oct. 1865, Graham Township, Jefferson County, Indiana
Burial: ?, Graham Township, Jefferson County, Indiana
Religion: ?

Father: Unknown HARTT
Mother: Susanna SAWTELL
(Misc. Notes: "Abigail was a Tory, the Judge (Louis FitzHenry) told me", writes Kathryn. Other family records state this also.)
This is an interesting statement as Tory is very much an Irish word, meaning cow-thief or highwayman. It was (and still is) used as a shorthand for the Conservative party of Britain. The British Tories in the 19th century tended to be monarchist, Protestant, supporting the landed gentry and opposing home rule for Ireland. The American meaning of Tory at the time of the War of Independence meant much the same thing - a supporter of British rule and loyal to the Crown. But Enoch had fought against the British in the War of Independence, so Abigail was sticking her neck out to hold such views.

Second generation
Birth: 27 Nov. 1788, Vermont
Spouse: David MORRISON
Marriage: ca. 1806, Essex Co.?, NY?

2. Sawtell/Sartle FITZHENRY
Birth: 19 Feb. 1790, Jericho Township?, Chittenden County?, Vermont
Death: 1889/1890, Dubuque County, Iowa
Spouse: Nancy GRAY
Marriage: ca 1812, PA?
Spouse: Jane or Janette (FITZHENRY)

Birth: 18 Sept. 1791, Chittenden County, Vermont
Death: 26 Jan. 1811, Essex County, New York

4. Susanna FITZHENRY
Birth: 20 Jan. 1793, Vermont probably
Death: 22 Jan. 1874, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH
Spouse: Rufus F. WILLSON
Marriage: 19 Feb. 1821, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH

5. Matthew FITZHENRY
Birth: 10 Oct. 1794, Vermont or New York
Death: 25 Oct. 1802, Vermont or New York

6. Abigail FITZHENRY
Birth: 4 Sep. 1796, Champlain, Chittenden County, Vermont
Death: 22 Mar. 1892, Clermont County, OH
Spouse: Wright LANE
Marriage: 4 Feb. 1813

7. Elizabeth "Betsy" FITZHENRY
Birth: 6 Apr. 1798, Vermont or New York
First spouse: B.F. HILLIER
Marriage: 4 Jan, 1813, PA?

Second spouse: John SWEET
Marriage: 28 Apr. 1827

8. George Washington FITZHENRY
Birth: 20 Jan 1800, Essex County or New York
Death: 20 Jun. 1800, Essex County, New York, probably

9. William FITZHENRY
Birth: 5 Jun 1801, Willsboro?, Essex County, New York
Death: 27 Sep. 1866, Jefferson County, Indiana
Spouse: Delilah Ann(e) PIERCE
Marriage: 12 Jun. 1827, Cuyahoga Co., OH

10. Johns(t)on FITZHENRY
Birth: 12 May 1803, Essex County, New York perhaps
Death: unknown
Spouse: Sally HAY(E)S
Marriage: 24 Mar. 1824, Franklin Co., OH

11. Jane Ann(e/a) FITZHENRY
Birth: 14 Jul. 1805, Essex County, New York
Death: 4 Jul. 1807, Essex County, New York

Birth: 22 May 1807, Essex County, New York
Death: 27 Oct. 1832, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana
Spouse: Unknown female (FITZ HENRY)
Marriage: ca 1830, Ohio

13. Edward FITZHENRY
Birth: 20 Jan. 1809, Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York
Death: 21 Aug. 1895, Columbus, Franklin, County, Ohio
Spouse: Sarah BROWN
Marriage: 6 Jun. 1833, Franklin, Co., OH

Birth: 8 Feb. 1811, Pennsylvania
Death: 27 Jul. 1851, Delaware County, Ohio
Spouse: Clarinda MARSH
Marriage: ? Oct. 1831, Franklin County, Ohio

Birth: 23 Sep. 1812, Allegheny, Huntingdon, County, Pennsylvania
Death: 3 Oct. 1827, Brooklyn (Township?), Cuyahoga County, Ohio

16. James Calder FITZHENRY
Birth: 8 Oct. 1814, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
Death: 1856, Peck League Branch, near Victoria/Lavaca County, Texas
Spouse: Sarah Ann BAILEY
Marriage: 12 Jul. 1842, Jefferson Co., IN

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