Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Enoch Series part 2: The Bibles

This post continues Mrs Hodge's history of Enoch Fitzhenry and his descendants. She writes about the sources that the family researchers used to construct the history:
There are at present 5 known handwritten or typed family records from Enoch's Bible:
  • a xerox copy of Enoch FitzHenry's Bible family records (parts unreadable) and copy of the Bible flyleaf
  • a photostat copy, handwritten, said to be from the Bible of son, Edward, and a typed copy from same which Anna (FitzHenry) Van Petten made
  • a handwritten record found loose in the bible of Wm Jasper Henry of Jefferson County, Indiana
  • a family record typed by Ms Hill of the Jefferson County, Indiana Historical society in 1954 using Enoch's bible.
There are errors in all, most due to difficulty in deciphering Enoch's writing.

James C. Fitzhenry's middle name is Calder, not Calvin as written in Wm. Jasper's copy.

Once James' marriage record was located, the faded writing of his wife's name in two of these records could be guessed - "Ann Sarah Bayley".
It was written "Sarah Ann Bailey" on the marriage record.

Anna Page Cherry used Anna Van Pettens' copy when she wrote the sketch on Edward FitzHenry for Judge Louis FitzHenry of Bloomington, Illinois.
Another record put together for a Mrs. Bankhardts, maybe using Anna Cherrys' records, was compiled by a daughter, Mrs. Irvin G. Knabel, Jr.

NONE of these family records are identical and the copy of the front page and family record I received in about 2000 came out very dark and a narrow edge of the right side was off the copy machine massing some dates, etc. Most of the children's names are legible, the births, some deaths and marriages are also and can be compared with previous interpretations.

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  1. Mrs. Irvin G. Knaebel was my grandmother, her maiden name was "Bankhardt".