Monday, 5 April 2010

Wiliam Fitzhenry and Mary Cronin

When Dave Paddington from Australia asked us about his forebears William Fitzhenry and Mary Cronin, I thought that we had found a link between the Australian and Welsh branches of this family.

No such luck. It looks like we have two William Fitzhenry - Mary Cronin couples!

Not only has Dave added some colour to this family history, but he's also sent some wonderful old photos.
This is the one of William in his Sunday best, but there are also photos of Mary Cronin, and their daughters Alice and Emily. I'm putting these on the new website.

Dave writes
William Fitzhenry came out to Australia on his own and headed for the goldfields in Victoria. His first known address was Woods Point where Princess Alexandra Mining Company were mining. He had shares in the company and from his photo attached you can see he didn't look like the type to get his hands dirty. He then moved to Melbourne where he met Mary Cronin. They owned several hotels in the South Yarra / St Kilda area of Melbourne.

They had 5 Children:

Ellen Mary Fitzhenry ( My Great Grandmother )
William Edward Fitzhenry
Alice Maud Fitzhenry
John Thomas Fitzhenry

Catherine Fitzhenry

I have a whole lot of other information and newspaper articles featuring William if you want to add extra to your blog. Stuff like him being charged with assault over a card game; fined for selling liquor on a Sunday etc....
and we said "yes please!" so hopefully we will hear more about William's exploits.

Dave would like to hear from anybody related to William and Mary and can be contacted be sending a message to the Blog which we will forward.

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