Thursday, 22 April 2010

More about the Fitzhenry marriages in Arklow and William Heath

Tracy Keenan Lloyd saw our postings about the marriages of Charles Dunfoy and Eliza Fitzhenry and Samuel Plummer and (another) Eliza Fitzhenry in Arklow. Both these marriages were notable for having a William Heath as a witness.

She wrote:
Greetings from Portland, Oregon in the US,
I am so happy to find your site, as just this morning in my research I learned of my connection to Sibella FitzHenry, who, in 1834, married William Heath, a doctor in Arklow. I am descended from William’s younger sister, Eliza Heath. Our line emigrated to the U.S. in 1886. I know you’re not charting the Heath name, but I am trying to find any descendants of this Heath family who may hold letters, journals, photos or documents to help me put “meat on the bones” of this interesting family. I have plenty of circumstantial information to share on the Heaths, if anyone is interested, and even some copies of photographs of some of William’s siblings.

I would be very interested if anyone in your family may have any surviving information. I am working to tell the story of this family and its descendants to be compiled into a book for future generations.
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