Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Waterford marriage 1867 - Samuel Foster and Elizabeth Fitzhenry

The wonderful Bev Kronk has sent me details of four more Irish marriages.

(That's one a night for the next four nights, you lucky people. Except for tomorrow night, when we bring you a South African news story on the anniversary of its publication in 1913.)

Registrar's District of Waterford
Marriage solemnised at the Wesleyan Chapel in the Parish of Trinity Within, in the City of Waterford
September 18th 1867
Samuel Foster
bachelor of full age, a farmer
Residence Tonduff, Parish of Abbeyleix, Queens County
Father William Foster (deceased) a farmer

Elizabeth Fitzhenry spinster of full age
Residence The Mall, Parish of Trinity Cathedral, Waterford
Father Samuel Fitzhenry (deceased) a "valuator"

Married in the above Registered Building according to the Usages of the Wesleyan Methodist Church by license
Both parties signed
Witnesses: Richard Boate and Frances Jane Fitzhenry

(Abbeyleix is about 65 miles north of the city of Waterford and can be found on Googlemaps.)

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