Sunday, 22 February 2015

The FamilySearch blog: keeping up to date with new collection releases is a fantastic resource for genealogists everywhere. Not only is it free to search (and often links to the actual document images) but it covers countries worldwide. There are the big sexy record collections such as the US censuses, and smaller collections which a commercial company might think not worth their while scanning and indexing.

But how do you keep up with the new collections which are published or updated on a regular basis? How can you find out when images have been added to what was previously an "index only" collection?

The FamilySearch blog.

By subscribing to blog updates by email, you will get all that is new in the world of FamilySearch: research tips, news from big events such as RootsTech, and really usefully, lists of new record collections.

The screenshot below of the "collection update" post from 20th February shows the variety of collections which the LDS church are still adding to FamilySearch. The underlined titles in blue are clickable links straight to that collection (not in this image but in the post itself). You don't have to be a Church member to subscribe. You also don't have to be a Church member to participate in indexing projects which not only give a bit back in return, but also gets the next collections ready and indexed more quickly!


Why not subscribe to this blog and get the updates sent to your inbox? Or send us an email about your Fitz(-)henry family links.

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