Monday, 23 May 2011

St Mullins register (3) - two more marriages

These two marriages are the last of my significant finds from this register, from what I have found so far (remember I have only searched the baptisms up to 1810 in this parish).
The marriage entries were strange, as on the film, there was a batch of marriages inserted between 1803 and 1804. These marriages ranged from 1800 to 1830.

1824 March 2
M'd at St Mullins Thos. Truman certif'd residence County Wexf'd to Bridget Fitzharris
WW Mich'l Fitzharris, Mich'l Murphy and Mary Delany

[Married at St Mullins, Thomas Truman, certified residence County Wexford to Bridget Fitzharris, Witnesses Michael Fitzharris, Michael Murphy and Mary Delany]

Who was Bridget Fitzharris? Was she truly a Fitzharris, or one of the Fitzhenrys who alternated their surnames? I know that this family did alternate their surnames, as I have a Pat Fitzharris of Ballyleigh (undoubtedly our Patrick Fitzhenry who married Ann Murphy and then Peggy Byrne) as witness to a marriage in 1830.
And what was Bridget's relationship to the Michael Fitzharris who was the witness?
Thomas Truman had brought his certificate of baptism from another parish in County Wexford so that he might be allowed to marry Bridget in St Mullins in County Carlow.

1827 Feb 26th
Martin Fitzhenry to Mary Fleming w. John Whitty and John Finn

Another mystery man. The marriage date of 1827 places Martin's birth before 1810. Unfortunately, he hadn't used another Fitzhenry family member as a witness which might have helped to pin him down! Neither had this priest recorded which townland he came from.
Is he the Martin Fitzhenry (1802-1848) who appeared on the middle of the three Fitzhenry gravestones at St Mullin's graveyard?
Maybe the rest of this register will provide some more clues.

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  1. Hi Jo, I think i might have some details on John Finn who stood as witness to the Fitzhenry-Fleming marriage in 1827 that you mention at .... not sure it will help you much though! Best for now, Turtle

  2. Dear Turtle
    Thanks for your comment - it actually might help a lot to know who John Finn was, as I now have a Whitty link too which I need to investigate further. Please leave your information either as a comment here or email me at