Sunday, 22 May 2011

St Mullins register (2) - Miles Fitzhenry and Elizabeth Comerford

At the 1809 baptism of Laurence Fitzhenry, one of the sponsors was Betty Fitzhenry.
Betty also appeared in the parish register in her own right.

She was born Elizabeth Comerford, but the register variously spells her name Commerford and Comford, and she married Miles Fitzhenry in St Mullins parish.

1803 October 9th
M: at St Mullin's Miles Fitzhenry to Elizabeth Commerford
ww Mrs Anna Bryne, Jack Murphy and Betty Flanery

1804 May 30th
at Ballynab'a Bapt John PL Miles Fitzhenery and Betty Commerford
SS John Byrne and Betty Ryan

1807 April 4th
St Molin's Gregory F. Miles Fitzhenery and Betty Comford
SS Jno. Comford and Peggy Do.
1808 29 May
Laurence of Mily and Betty Fitzhenery
SS Paddy Walsh and Biddy Chare

The fact that Elizabeth Comerford (or Betty Fitzhenry as she was in 1809) was godmother to the child of Patrick Fitzhenry (see last posting) leads me to believe that she was Patrick Fitzhenry's close kin by marriage and hence Miles Fitzhenry was closely related to Patrick and was probably his brother.

The townland of Balllinabenna is probably the modern place of Ballynabearna, a few miles north of Templeudigan.

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