Sunday, 17 January 2010

Irish church records online - Dublin and Kerry

Online parish records from the diocese of Dublin and from part of the diocese of Kerry are now available at the Irish Genealogy website
It's a site set up by the Department of Arts Sports and Tourism of the Irish government and has a fully searchable index - and it's free to use.

I've found about 150 Fitzhenrys and relations under various spellings - the most bizarre being FITZHENORERRY. Some of these will undoubtably be duplicates, but it's a good haul nonetheless.

According to the website, there will be more records added this year - the rest of Kerry, and then Cork.

Unfortunately I haven't found any relations to people I already had in the database, but if you find your relative in this index, I'd be very grateful if you would drop me a line and let me know how they fit into your family.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Part of my family came from Kerry.

    This is a kind favor from the people of Ireland to the people of Irish descent around the globe.