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1864 - marriage of Susan Fitzhenry and George Wilson in Arklow, County Wicklow.

Bev Kronk has sent me a scan from a marriage register from Ireland (thanks Bev!).

Registrar's District of Rathdrum
Marriage solomnised at Arklow, in the parish of Arklow, in the County of Wicklow

19th September 1864
George Wilson of full age bachelor
Resident of Ballynok, Donaghmore (not too sure about the placename Ballynok)
Profession: gentleman
Father: Nicholas Wilson, farmer

Susan Fitzhenry of full age spinster
Resident of Arklow
Father: Robert. Ed. Fitzhenry, shopkeeper.

Married by license by Rev Richard Ed. Eaton
Witnesses: Wm. Heath and Wm. Fitzhenry

Looking at the Griffiths' Valuations for Wicklow, there seemed to be an extended family of Wilsons around the Donaghmore area. There are several entries for Nicholas Wilson - they may all be the same man farming several pieces of land.
There is no Robert Fitzhenry as a tenant in County Wicklow for 1850-54 (range of the Wicklow valuations), but the Reverend Richard Eaton Appears as a tenant of William Fitzhenry on Main Street, Arklow in 1854.

There is a William Fitzhenry of Main Street who appears in the
Arklow Business Directory of 1840 under several business headings as a draper, an earthenware dealer and as a coal and timber merchant.

William Fitzhenry, a widower and shopkeeper of Arklow, married Mary Jenkinson spinster on 15 May 1845 were married in Rathdrum. In the Pigot's directory of 1824, both William Fitzhenry and Robert Jenkinson (perhaps Mary's father) were ironmongers in Arklow.

Robert Edward Fitzhenry appeared as a seedsman and gunpowder dealer (also on Main Street)
in the Arklow Business Directory of 1840.

This is where I've got up to so far with this family.

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