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The tragic marriage of Kate Fitzhenry and James Silpath

Found in The Trenton Times (New Jersey, USA) 18 August 1887
The attempted suicide on Tuesday night of James Silpath, a brother of A. H. Silpath of Burlington, has created a sensation in that city where he is well known. The reason for the rash act is said to be a secret marriage which Silpath contracted with Kate Fitzhenry in March last. His family bitterly opposed...
(this line illegible)...
His wife urged Silpath to leave her, but he refused saying that he would kill not only himself but her before he did so. On Tuesday Silpath began drinking and, after abusing his wife, went to the river and jumped overboard. Being rescued and arrested he severed his windpipe with a razor while in his cell. He is not expected to recover.
And from 27 August 1887
Coroner Naylor has decided that an inquest in the case of James S. Silpath who died in such tragic circumstances is necessary and will be held on Monday night.

I haven't found anything else in the Trenton Times yet, but I have found a bit more about them on (the LDS site).

James S Silpath was born in 1852 to George and Catherine Silpath in Burlington New Jersey.
He married Kate C Fitzhenry on 9 April 1887 in Burlington New Jersey. I have no more details about Kate.
James was buried on 21 August 1887.

So if you are a Silpath and claim Mayor A H Silpath of Burlington amongst your forebears, will you also let us know what was the true story behind James and Kate?

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