Monday, 4 May 2009

The Fitz(-)henry family in Colonial India

Why not pop across to Gary Wemyss' excellent family history website to chart his family's past in India.
His grandmother was the very striking Doreen Clariss Batho Cole Fitzhenry who was born in Aug 1907 in Sahebgunge, India and who married Alfred James Wemyss in 1925 in Karachi.

Her father was variously named the Hon. Sir Wilfred Batho-Cole FITZHENRY (as his name appeared on James and Doreen's Wedding certificate) or Wilfred Blissington Fitzhenry (as his appeared on the birth certificates of his children).

So this is tonight's Man of Mystery.

From Gary's information, Wilfred Fitzhenry was probably Irish and born about 1874.
He was married twice - first to Mary Jane (unknown surname) who was Doreen's mother, and second to Beatrice Maud Kenny, a divorcee, in 1909.

He gave his occupation in 1902 and 1904 as working in for the Indian railways. In 1909 he was a horse broker and trainer.

If anyone has any more information about this Fitzhenry family group, please let us know, or drop Gary a line directly through his website.

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