Sunday, 4 January 2015

Update to the Irish census map - Fitzhenrys in 1911 now added.

Eagle eyed subscribers will have noticed that another layer of the Irish census map has been completed. I have now extracted and placed the Fitzhenrys in the 1911 census.

Update 12 January: the Fitzharrises in 1911 have now also been entered                   

[If you missed the first post about the map, here is how I constructed it and the sources I used.]

Here is what the map looks now:

Click on this link to get a full screen view.

The 1911 Fitzhenry layer follows the same convention as the 1901 layer. The place markers are again the inverted teardrop Google marker.
Colour codes are as follows:
Purple: a Fitzhenry household
Mid blue: a Fitzhenry as a relative in a non-Fitzhenry household
Light blue: a Fitzhenry in an unrelated household (such as an apprentice or at school)

What does it show?
In the 10 years since the 1901 census, the County Wexford Fitzhenrys have tended to stay put, or not moved very far. The County Galway Fitzhenrys have also stayed at their farms (the one exception being a child (John Fitzhenry) sent to St Joseph's Deaf and Dumb School in Cabragh (now spelled Cabra) in Dublin).

The Dublin Fitzhenrys moved around more within and out of Dublin.

If I could find where a person or family was in the 1901 census, I have added this to the beginning of the description.

There were also some examples of Fitzharrises of the 1901 census calling themselves Fitzhenry in this census. Where this has happened, it has been mentioned in the annotation.

A mystery woman
For those with a puzzle solving bent, here's a person that you can help me with. I have found an Elisa Robert Fitzhenry, a 30 year old hospital matron living in Bray, County Wicklow (link to the census reference). She is Church of Ireland, single, and says she was born in Sligo, having filled in the census return herself.
I can't find her in the 1901 census, there are no other Fitzhenrys or Fitzharrises from County Sligo, and there is no birth registration for her in the GROI. 
Any information about her gratefully received!

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