Monday, 18 November 2013

Pre-Christmas reduction in FamilyTreeDNA testing prices

I'm indebted to Gordon Adshead of the Adshead one name study for alerting me to FamilyTreeDNA's regular pre-Christmas testing price reduction.

We have had our Fitzhenry/Fitzharris DNA study with FamilyTreeDNA since 2008 and now have 23 completed tests with another one in the pipeline.

Why is DNA testing important to the Fitzhenry / Fitzharris surname study? Click here and here to find out!

Gordon writes:
I see that FTDNA have come up with their regular price reduction before Christmas
and a 37 Marker Kit is reduced from $149 to $119
At current exchange rates this is a reduction from £93 to £74

I note that the price of a 37 to 67 marker upgrade has been reduced from $99 to $79 ( from £61 to £49 which is 20%)

For those who have already been tested at 37 markers, this is a good opportunity to increase the power and sensitivity of your test at a reduced price.

The Christmas sale usually continues until 31 December. I will update you if it is going to end earlier.

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