Monday, 28 May 2012

Video tutorials from Rootstech 2012 now available on-line

Rootstech is where genealogy meets geek. The annual Rootstech at Salt Lake City, sponsored by Familysearch (the website of the LDS church) unveils new advances in all sorts of technology to help us genealogists pursue our obsession.

Now Familysearch has put some of the keynote talks from the 2012 conference here on the Rootstech website. I found the video "Effective Database Search Techniques"  particularly useful (it's in the top line of the available videos).

In a roundabout way, trying to view these videos taught me two other things - keep your device drivers up to date on your PC/Mac and use an up-to-date firewall which you have tweaked yourself so you know what you have allowed in and out. Worth checking every so often, as both of these factors were responsible for me initially not being able to play these videos at all ....

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