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More about the siblings of John Joseph Fitz-Henry of Wicklow and Canada

The obituary of John Joseph Fitz-Henry, (1887-1957) said that he was survived by two sisters: Mary Fitzhenry and Mrs Lottie Wicklow.

With the help of two excellent free genealogy sites which are always worth another plug - and The National Archives of Ireland - I was able not only to find these two women but another two sisters as well.

Starting with the National Archives of Ireland website for the 1901 and 1911 censuses, I found Lottie (Charlotte) Fitzhenry working as an 18 year old draper's shop apprentice in 1901 (although incorrectly transcribed as Latty) in Drogheda Town, County Louth.

Her surviving sisters were all at the Church Home Boarding School in Dublin

Fitz Henry Mary Raymond 17 Church of Ireland Ovaca, Co Wicklow Teaching Assistant
Fitzhenry Josephine 12 Church of Ireland Ovaca, Co Wicklow Pupil
Fitzhenry Kathleen 13 Female Church of Ireland Ovaca, Co Wicklow Pupil

Mary we knew about from the obituary, but the other two were new discoveries.

I couldn't find Mary in the 1911 census, and John Joseph had already emigrated to Canada.
Lottie had married Joseph John Wicklow in the 3rd quarter of 1903. He was in the 1901 census as a "merchant's assistant", a Quaker by faith and born in Dublin. I could find neither of them in the 1911 census.

Josephine Fitzhenry was working in the same draper's shop
in Drogheda (as a draper's assistant) as her sister Lottie had been 10 years previously. Some of the same staff were still there from the 1901 census.

Kathleen Jane Fitzhenry had been incorrectly transcribed as Fitzhkenny and was living in the household of Norman and Rebecca Allen in Eaton Square Dublin as a companion and help.

Now working from the Familysearch website, I found the births of all these children registered in the registration district of Rathdrum:
Charlotte Elizabeth Fitzhenry registered 3rd quarter 1882
Mary Raymond Fitzhenry birth registered 1st quarter of 1886 according to Familysearch, but in the census her birth year would have been 1884. Also it would have been too soon after the birth of the twins for Mary to have been conceived and born by March 1886.
The twins Harriet Jane and William Henry who were born 6 September 1885 and died within 2 weeks. Both registered in the third quarter 1885.
John Joseph Fitzhenry registered 4th quarter 1886
Kathleen Jane Fitzhenry registered 1st quarter 1888
Josephine Emily Fitzhenry registered 1st quarter 1889

Charles Joseph Fitzhenry married Charlotte Elizabeth Raymond in the 2nd quarter of 1880 in the registration district of Longford, County Longford, and hence Mary Raymond Fitzhenry's middle name.

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