Thursday, 18 February 2010

Marriage of James Fitz Henry and Mary Morisy in Ballykelly Wexford 1866

Another great marriage certificate find from Bev Kronk as she systematically works her way through the parish registers of Ireland!

1866 – Marriage solemnized at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Ballykelly in the Registrar’s District of Old Ross in the Union of New Ross in the County of Wexford

10th September 1866
James Fitz Henry, 24 years, Bachelor, Labourer, Bally---t (looks like Ballyagot)
Father – Martin Fitz Henry, Labourer
Mary Morrisy, 26 years, Spinster, Labourer, Fisherstown
Father – Miles Morrisy, Farmer
Both placed their mark
Witness [both placed their mark] – Martin Sutton and Bridget Farrell

Marriage performed by Thomas Staples C.C.

Ballykelly is about 8km south of New Ross, and Fishertown is another 5 km south-south-east of Ballykelly. Both places may be found on Google maps. I can't find any place that approximates to the spelling of Ballyagot.

Marriage certificate Ref. 1866 Volume 19 Page 467 New Ross. Film No. 101502.

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