Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A happy New Year - and the 2009 "State of the Nation" address

Dear Readers
We've had another great year here at Fitz(-)henry Towers and Ann, Lesley and I would like thank all those who wrote to us and shared information and stories, much of which we've been able to share with you here.

Big highlights were
  • the results from our Fitz(-)henry DNA study which linked the US line of Enoch Fitzhenry with a branch of the family in Australia who have a documented link to Wexford.
  • Enoch Fitzhenry gets a memorial in Dublin Ohio to commemorate his part in the American War of Independence.
  • the discovery of the marriage certificate of Michael Fitzhenry and Anastasia Welch (Lambeth, London)
  • the trip around Wexford to find some of the Fitzhenrys of the Ballymackessy area.
  • the link between Rodrigo Palacios Fitz-Henry's Chilean branch and an ironmonger in South London.
We're now up to 35 regular subscribers, double the number this time last year.

I'd like to say a big hello and thanks for their help this year to:
  • Brit Kavli from Norway (descendant of Michael Fitzhenry and Anastasia Welch) who is 80 years young and still researching when she can fit it in between her walking holidays!
  • Wendy Rutter - What a star - with all her beavering away behind the scenes - thank you Wendy.
  • Sid Rodger - again, a mine of information
  • Ann Harris from Boston
  • Rodrigo Palacios Fitz-Henry for the photographs that linked his family to the South London Fitz-Henrys
  • Debra Mort for the Fitzhenrys of Dedham Massachusetts
  • Lenard Baldy and his huge family of Fitzhenrys in Pittsburg
  • Alan Hagenson for his information about his sister's Fitzhenry family of Queensland Australia
  • Paul Fitzhenry, of family group 20 (Australia and New Zealand) who showed that the DNA of their family was the same as that of the family of Enoch Fitzhenry in the USA.
  • Brian Bouchard for his assistance with the Winchester-Ashtead Fitz-Henry families.
  • Gary Wemyss of the Anglo-Indian Fitzhenry line
  • Michael Volante for his photos of my own line from the docks in East London
and everyone else who's emailed us or left a comment to the posts.

And if you need (another) resolution for the New Year - send us even more of your Fitz(-)henry stories old and new!

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