Sunday, 23 August 2009

Can I mention the cricket now?

Because that would be rude and insensitive to our Australian readers (including one of my co-authors) and completely bemusing to most of our other subscribers.
Just to say that Swann and Broad are Nottinghamshire lads, and that makes me very happy.

(For those who have no idea what I'm rambling on about click here.)

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  1. Dateline....Melbourne 24th August....Optimistic Melbourians were devastated in the early hours of the morning to witness the demise of Australian hopes for retaining the treasured Ashes. Although early optimism seemed well placed with the early collapse of the English openers in their second innings,these hopes were dashed with the settling influence of their middle order. Set a blistering chase of 545 it has to be said that many (including a small vocal group in Wombat Crt Greensborough) remained hopeful of a minor miracle, to pull victory from the jaws of defeat!! Sadly, Hussey's 121 couldn't be matched by the Australian lower order, and groans of despair filled the air when the final wicket fell. Whilst direct quotes might not be appropriate here, suffice it to say that the ignominous run out of captain and vice captain were loudly (and derisively) met by certain residents known personally to this correspondant!. I suppose it is only sportsman-like to say "Congratulations England" to the winning team (The fact that this is being said through clenched teeth is immaterial!!)And to paraphrase Dr Claw ..."We'll get you next time England...we'll get you next time!!

    On a personal note, I do congratulate the English team . Australia simply didn't play well enough, and even Ricky Ponting is admitting he selected the wrong team... something I thought I wouldn't ever hear him say, because I don't think Ponting is very gracious in defeat. (But then that's just the opinion of the only Australian who would NOT have selected Shane Warne after his appalling behaviour off the field. I don't care if he is the best spin bowler ever to have played the game, he shouldn't be representing his country if he consistantly behaves the way Shane was.....I think I was very much alone on this one!!!

    Hopefully though in 2 years there'll be a different result - and 5 really interesting ganes to watch..

    Melbourne, Australia