Tuesday, 9 June 2009

DNA Project testing prices reduced for June '09!

Our Fitzhenry/Fitz-Henry DNA Project is just over a year old.

We have 2 results in so far, which show 2 completely different male lineages for 2 different Fitzhenry family groups.

If you're a male Fitzhenry and are thinking about joining the study*, or a female Fitzhenry and want to badger a male Fitzhenry relative into joining the study*, then now is the time as the prices have just been reduced again for the month of June.

As study co-ordinator for the Fitz(-)henry DNA Project, I received an email from FamilyTreeDNA (our testing company) today:

Offer summary:
• Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $119. (The regular project price is $248 – a reduction of more than 50%!!)
• The promotion will begin on June 9, 2009 and will end on June 24, 2009
• Kits ordered in this sale must be paid for by June 30, 2009

So click on this link to get to our study page and read about how to join up:

or if you want more information about the whole testing process click on this link:

And when you've joined the Great Fitz(-)henry DNA Project, why not let us know by leaving a comment attached to this post?
We have a sister website dedicated to the Fitz(-)henry DNA Project at:

* sorry, it's only the chaps who can actually take part in the testing as they have the male chromosome which is tested.

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