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The Fitzhenrys of Dedham Massachusetts

Debra wrote to the Fitzhenry message board on asking if anyone could help with "getting back" with her Fitzhenry family.
She had a few details
  • Her great grandfather was James J. Fitzhenry from Wexford.
  • He married Elizabeth Day or O'Day and they had 1 son William James Fitzhenry.
  • James died and she remarried Michael Colbort in the USA.
This was a challenge!
And thanks to the Fitzhenry Family message board on Genforum, we found out a great deal about this branch. Our thanks to the research work of Elaine Bailey and Linda back in 2007.

Lawrence FITZHENRY, son of Thomas and Mary FITZHENRY, was born in 1830 in Ireland. He married Mary Ann DUNN, daughter of James and Margaret DUNN , who was born in 1834 in Ireland. They had the following children who were all born in Ireland before the family emigrated to the US:

Margaret or Mary FITZHENRY (1861- ). Married William DOYLE.
Thomas FITZHENRY (1863- )
James Joseph FITZHENRY (1865-1898) Debra's great grandfather - more about him below.
Catherine "Kate" FITZHENRY (1870- ) married Charles FLOOD in 1891
Bridget FITZHENRY (1870-1875)

Mary Ann died on 6 December 1874 in Dedham and Lawrence then married Margaret SHANNON, daughter of Laurence and Margaret SHANNON who was born in 1853 in Ireland. She emigrated from Ireland to USA in 1869. They had the following 5 children:

Lawrence FITZHENRY (1883- )
John Francis FITZHENRY (1885- )
Edward Joseph FITZHENRY (1886- )
Anna E FITZHENRY (1890- )
Michael James FITZHENRY (1893- )

James Joseph FITZHENRY married Elizabeth Josephine DAY in 1891. Elizabeth was born in Wexford and had emigrated to the US in 1882. As predicted, they had a son
William born 1895, and also a daughter Mary Genevieve FITZHENRY, born 1897 who died in infancy. James died in 1898.

Does anyone out there recognise this family tree, especially the other nine children of Lawrence? Debra would be very pleased to hear from any other members of this branch. You can drop her an email via the blog here

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