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BMD online from New Zealand

The GOONS message board has alerted us to the existence the New Zealand BMD website.
A search for "Fitzhenry" and "Fitz-Henry" shows that there aren't many of us there.
And if there are any Kiwi Fitzhenrys out there who recognise any of these names and want to tell us their story or would just like to say hello, drop us an email!

I apologise for the layout which isn't particularly special, and when I find out how to put tables into Blogger without the right hand side being cut off, I'll re-do it.

We've got a grand total of:

Fourteen births:

(Year and registration number, Surname, Given names, Mother's name, Father's name)

1894/6155Fitz-Henry Dorothea Tighe Isabella George William
1889/14090Fitz-Henry Barbara Eleanor Isabella William George
1880/6420Fitz-Henry Ada Louisa William
1883/18449Fitz Henry Edgar Louisa William
1872/4148Fitz Henry Mary Ellen

1983/84456Fitzhenry James Joseph Kilmartin Bridget-
1906/13014FitzHenry Gordon Oriel AliceErnest Edward
1887/14575Fitzhenry William Cooper IsabellaWilliam George
1879/2432Fitzhenry Louisa LouisaWilliam
1877/9693Fitzhenry Albert LouisaWilliam
1867/3317Fitzhenry Ernest Edward

1870/1806Fitzhenry William Thomas

1871/3710Fitzhenry Frederick

1869/236Fitzhenry Fanny Maud LouisaWilliam

The birth of William Cooper Fitzhenry (properly spelt Fitz-Henry) in 1887 to William George and Isabella finally fills in that last child that I was pondering over in the 1911 census. It was this William Cooper Fitz-Henry who was the Chief Engineer and Surveyor of Roads in Rhodesia and featured in the "Out of Africa" series of posts last year.

I'd like to find out who Louisa and William were, with their gallant attempt to populate New Zealand with Fitzhenrys, and wonder if the four children with no attributed parents were also offspring of this couple.

23 deaths

Year and reg no., Surname, Given names, date of birth or age at death.
1935/13192Fitzhenry Edward Ernest 68Y
1973/28787Fitzhenry Nita Beryl 25 March 1915
1965/27994Fitzhenry Ada 84Y
1984/29819Fitzhenry Norma Ray 2 May 1921
1988/42090Fitzhenry Gordon Oriel 20 July 1906
1990/46541Fitzhenry Eileen Mary 11 August 1910
1993/33106Fitzhenry Linda Pearl 2 December 1912
1994/42720Fitzhenry Kenneth Ernest 16 February 1912
1904/7106Fitzhenry Frances 80Y
1894/3217Fitzhenry Edward 54Y
1880/3923Fitzhenry Harvey Michael Cyril 21Y
2004/24251Fitzhenry Colin William 3 October 1928
2005/26551Fitzhenry Margaret Janet 31 January 1917
1930/690Fitzhenry Norman Leonard 20Y
1934/19798Fitzhenry Theresa Jane 52Y
1947/22106Fitz-Henry Frederick 75Y
1949/27128Fitz-Henry Mary 6H
1961/25743Fitz-Henry Agnes 76Y
1965/40479Fitz-Henry Violet Lilian 53Y
1969/37665Fitz-Henry Keith Oscar 56Y
1929/11334Fitz Henry William 90Y
1890/5421Fitz Henry Mary Ellen 18Y
1881/4651Fitz-Henry Jeremiah Edward 10Y

and 8 marriages

Registration NumberBride's GivenName(s)Bride's Family NameGroom's GivenName(s)Groom's Family Name
1878/2242Mary Ann Fitzhenry John Patterson
1868/1124Edward Fitzhenry

1868/1227Catherine Fitzhenry

1868/1228Jane Fitzhenry

1901/4726Fanny Maud Fitz-Henry Frederick William Borrell
1908/3965Agnes Henderson Frederick Fitzhenry
1902/1139Alice Phillips Ernest Edward Fitzhenry
1904/4217Theresa Jane Wilson Gerald Martin Fitzhenry

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