Sunday, 7 September 2008

The English 1881 census and the "extreme variants".

A bit of a nerdy stats update.
In the English 1881 census there are officially 96 Fitzhenrys using the usual variant spellings (Fitzhenry, Fitz-Henry, Fitz Henry) which are easily picked up using the search engines in Ancestry, Findmypast and Familysearch.

Dig a bit deeper and you find another 12.
I've found two just in as Henry with Fitz as a given name.
Four Fitzhennys
And most bizarrely, six Fitzheurys in two different households.

The twelve "extreme variant" names are all entered correctly as Fitzhenry by the census enumerators (I've looked at the originals). They have just been wrongly transcribed by the genealogy companies.

So if you've lost a Fitz(-)henry, try the "extreme variants" listed above and also Fitzkenny, Fitzkenry, Fitzhenery and Fiteshenry, all of which I've found other indexes.

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