Thursday, 14 August 2008

Out of Africa

To return to the first marriage of William Fitz-Henry, the Irish soldier, to Barabara Morrison (see the previous posts about the Winchester and Aylesbury branches). They had seven children and it is their son George William (or William George) who is the subject of this post. He became a doctor, qualifying through one of the London Medical schools and married Isabella Cooper in 1887. He is spotted as the Public Vaccinator in Lyttleton , New Zealand later that year. He saw active service during WW1 and rose to the rank of Major. Settling back in England, he continued his medical career and died on 21 November 1940 in London. His last place of residence is given as Streatham Hill in South London so I expect he died of old age rather than the London bombings which rarely went to that part of South London.
He had at least 2 children (and maybe more - to be confirmed!). William Cooper Fitz-Henry (isn't it fantastic that he does the traditional thing and gives the child his mother's maiden name as a middle name?) became the Inspector of Roads in the old British Colony of Rhodesia. William married a woman with the forename of Lassie who wrote the book "African Dust" about their time spent in Africa. I found a copy through Dandylion internet books last night and if it tells me more, then you'll hear it here.
Jack Cooper Fitz-Henry, the other son that I have a positive sighting of, worked as suprintendent of the fire service in Hong Kong and was awarded an OBE in 1946 for his services "during internment". This is all I know about him at present.
The possible third child of George William and Isabella is Ethel Jane Fitz-Henry who was the executor of George's will during the War years (source: The London Gazette). But she may be the spouse of Jack or another son that I haven't found yet.
As usual, any more information gratefully received!

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