Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A big hello to the Canadian Fitz-Henrys!

It shows that sometimes it pays to go back over all those old posts from places like Genforum and Rootsweb from the days when the web was new and shiny and all text was in the hideous Courier font.

Back in September 2000, Garry Fitz-Henry of Ontario left a message asking if anyone knew about the provenance of the names "Woodfield" and "Eagles" in his family.

Two weeks ago I came across that email again, and now have four contacts from the family of William Fitz-Henry and Martha Eagles (see this post for more about William and Martha). Brilliant!

So a big hello from the nerdy world of the "Fitz-Henry Family History" blog to Garry and his wife Laurie, Brian Dulcombe Fitz-Henry and Annabella Fitz-Henry. If there are any other descendants of William and Martha lurking out there, come and join the group hug!

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